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Photo of Mary Murphy

Bitter/Sweet  A Tale of Two Wedding Photos

Summer Stock  Mary dresses Shirley Booth

Beauty Secrets  What's the name of that makeup?

Optical Illusion  Mary sees double

The Little Mermaid  At the Jersey shore

Lunch at the New Moon Buffet  Eating Chinese

Edmund’s Story  Mary at a DFY facility

Festival of Trees  At the Albany Institute

A Sign of Peace  In memory of Pan Am Flight 103

New Friends  Mary meets Barbie

Hot Air Rises  Mary vs. Mr. Bouncety-Bounce

Valentine Party  Mary at a nursing home

How I Became a New Yorker  Mary rides the subway

Public Information  Mary at Columbia University

The Recital  Mary at the piano

Mysteries of the Occult  Mary at a séance

Angels — No Wings, Please!  Mary in a Christmas pageant

Alison’s Story  With Alison Stonbely